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The Swisher One Productions- an organization runned by CEO Arlene Zintzun as "SWISHER ONE", a female graffiti and fine art artist originated from the Los Angeles, Ca Area.

The Swisher One has been doing graffiti art since 2003. Swisher has big dreams and goals for the world. She is known for being a young very hard working lady. Coming from the Los Angeles urban area, and a good home, she has gone through lightning, rocks, rain, and snow to get where she is at now. The beginning is about to start. She wants to be able to help other people with her special abilities of understanding, and comprehension. Swisher is currently writing her first book titled, "Your Inner Most Outer: Hypocracy, Discrimination, Ignorance". And is currently fighting against these causes. She gives advice to young teens her age and helps them to not make wrong choices in life that will affect for life. She has collaborated with many artists, and keeps a good friendship with many artists, companies, corporations.

As told in an interview: Arlene Z. "My goals are for the world, I stand for what is right. Everyone in the world has rights. I also want to spend my lifetime helping others with their emotional distresses as I wished someone would of helped me when I was in it. Now I live for the world, I faced death 4 times and I know indeed I am needed in this world.God Bless!"

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